Doyle’s Thornless Blackberry® Limited 19 Month Warranty

We understand that our customers are not just buying a plant but the expectation of harvesting gallons of large, sweet blackberries and accordingly we will do our best to provide healthy, live plants to our customers.  The plants grow rapidly so we will be shipping small plants which have the highest survival rate for our customers.

While we expect all our customers to provide diligent care ot the plants when they get them, problems can develop over which neither we nor our customers have any control.  In spite of this Doyle Blackberry, Inc. will replace under our non-performing plants or issue a refund at our discretion, whenever a customer assures us they have done their best to care for the plant, except for conditions totally beyond the control or influence of Doyle Blackberry, Inc., such as animals eating the plant or cutting the plant with your lawn mower or similar equipment, for a period of 19 (nineteen) months from the date of shipping.  Exception, the soil ph must be between 5 and 6.5 or the warranty is void.